Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1/7/9 :: Elephant House Antics

Please excuse my poor attempt at piecing together an image of my bedroom.  It's quite difficult-- especially with all of this yellow light : )   I know my pictures have been atrocious so far.  I'll do better soon, I promise.

I've been so excited about all the social changes I've been faced with that I'm afraid the academic ones have fallen to second interest at the moment.  Today we were officially assigned our first brief-- I am to design a corporate identity for, a new ecommerce business started by graduates of Edinburgh University.  This involves a logo, stationary suite, and a website.  I do believe I am the only one in the group who has any experience in this sort of thing, so I feel a bit confident.  Just not too confident.  I haven't seen anyone's work yet really.

Every day I feel a little bit more comfortable here.  Every day it seems someone new makes a small effort to get to know me, and when you are new in a place like this, the smallest gestures mean so much.  Tom stopped to chat to me while I was outside smoking, and it made me feel very happy.  He walked off to go run an errand but came back saying he had something to show me.  He invited me to follow him down Lady Lawson.  I was so flattered and excited that I forgot to pay close attention to what he was saying (his accent is thicker and requires a lot of concentration on my part).  Suddenly, we were standing in front of a person whose face was entirely covered in piercings and tattoos-- what a sight!  Tom just smiled and crossed the street in his little kitten-ear cap.  I was delighted and wanted to run after him and walk, but I refrained.

After studio, I met Joe at The Elephant House for some coffee and work.  The work never really happened, but the talking was so nice.  It felt like I had a friend instead of just an acquaintance.  Joe has always been the most outgoing with me, so it's no surprise that he was the first that I got to connect with on a friendship level.  We joked about the differences between American and UK language, and his attempt at an American accent made me laugh until my stomach hurt.  It was the best afternoon.  Walking home, I didn't get very lost at all either.

All in all, it was a nice day.  I'm really loving it here so, so much.  The only downside is forcing myself to do design work amidst all the other excitement.  Also, it does get quite lonely in the evenings, seeing as I don't know many people yet.  I'm hoping that will change soon-- especially after the party on Saturday.  I do hope I can muster some courage to be myself around all those new people and not be a wallflower.  Joe seemed most interested when I told him about beer pong, but I do think I frightened him with my pants-ripping story, haha.  

That's all for tonight.  Tomorrow is another day!

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lowercasenoun said...

its not a party until kelly rips her pants.