Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1/13/9 :: It Ain't Me Babe

Today was a nice day.  It was our first pin-up for the corporate identity project.  In the morning we had a  short lecture, and once it was over, I rushed right home to keep working.  I had stayed up the night before with a good playlist, some cigarettes, and construction paper-- making monsters.  I presented my monsters today, and I think they went over pretty well.

After school, I went and picked myself up the most delicious jalapeno pizza and my new favorite alcohol, Magners.  I pigged out and watched Rushmore on my bed.  It was so relaxing.

If nothing else, I really think this experience is going to remind me how to appreciate simple pleasures-- a good meal, a nice walk, or an excellent puddle reflection.  Since I've been here, I've found myself the happiest when alone and experiencing some sort of quiet pleasantness.  

Also, on the way across the ocean, I watched Walk The Line.  I've been a huge Johnny Cash fan since I was little, and although it's not the same-- I love that movie to death anyway.  I've been walking all over Edinburgh humming this tune.

Till tomorrow,

Ps.  I planted my petunia.  : )