Sunday, January 18, 2009

1/18/9 :: Mucinex

Look out.  It's not a pretty picture in Edinburgh today.  Although last night was beyond amazing, today was a day of recovery.  Surprisingly, however, it was not a hangover I'm recovering from-- it's a head cold from hell.

On my way home from Joe and Shonagh's this morning, I crossed the meadows.  I was smoking a cigarette, despite my terrible congestion, and I was thinking how I wished I had my camera to take pictures of all of the little boys practicing rugby.  Then, all of a sudden, they all started coughing.  Then, they started shouting at me, "Smoking kills!" and making a bunch of faces.  For the rest of the walk home, I fantasized about how I would kill them.  Is that wrong?  Ha.

I went grocery shopping, fixed myself a big lunch, and then landed face down in bed.  I took some Mucinex, but I'm still feeling like complete shit.
I'd hate my life if it became one of those colds that seems to last for the entire winter.

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