Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1/6/9 :: Second Day of Uni

The castle view from my street.  This is also what I see from my bedroom window : )

Today was my second day of Uni, and what a strange day it was.  In the morning, we had our first lecture of the term-- a woman came to speak to us about CVs, which I discovered is the UK way of saying resume.  My classmates are preparing for work placement at the beginning of the summer (a short 2-week internship), but I will be having my work experience hopefully on spring break.  The lecture was quite boring, as I've already covered resumes and the like countless times back in the states.  

Next, I met a Scottish boy I had been chatting with online for a lunch.  He met me outside one of the school's buildings, and we trotted around the city for a few hours.  He took me to this delightful book store called Analogue at the corner of Grassmarket and Victoria Street that sold only art books and prints.  We had hot chocolate (which I learned is quite different from the American version).  Theirs is quite literally... liquified chocolate.  At last, he gave me directions back to my school, and I only had to stop and ask for directions once to find my way back.  I'm improving!

At 2:30 (or half two, as they say), we had our first project brief.  The class learned what a logo was and how to create stationary.  Again, to me, it was quite redundant.  I took this as an opportunity to gaze over my classmates and decide which ones I found attractive.  There is one boy in particular that I think I have a tiny bit of a crush on.  >.<  ANYWAY.  Tomorrow 5 clients will be coming in to tell us about their new companies and we are to design a logo, stationary suite, and website for them free of charge.  3 people to each company.  Once they have chosen the winner, that person will then have the option of working as their freelance designer on future projects.  Kind of nice, eh?   My classmates seemed to be quite nervous for the project, but I am feeling confident.

After school, Joe invited me to a party (the teddy bear wingding) on Saturday that everyone will be attending.  I'm pretty excited about it.  I'm hoping that that one cute classmate is going to be there...

After class, I found my way back to that book store and bought myself a new logo book as well as a book called Stereographics, which just might be the most exciting design book I've seen in a while.  Thank god.  Being here, I certainly have noticed myself feeling motivated like I used to when I started CCS.  It's like I have to prove myself all over again.
However, I am kind of sad that there is little here to remind me of myself.  It's hard to know how much effort to put in when getting to know my classmates.  I'm trying not to be annoying, but I feel silly sitting alone.  I hope it just comes naturally-- and soon.

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Joseph Rudi Pielichaty said...

Kelly! The blog is brilliant... I'm not gonna lie, I'm beyond curious about the boy you find attractive in the class now. Don't be shy if its me (it so is) I'm so used to all this female attention! ha!

Glad you're enjoying everything so far. I'm sure within a few days you'll be as close to us all as a button is to a pocket! I'm so forcing gin on you and then you'll be beyond happy in the 'burgh!

Joe xx