Sunday, January 11, 2009

1/11/9 :: Lost In Translation

I've been feeling a bit like Charlotte in Lost In Translation.  Long sleepless nights countered by days in the city where I feel like I might just be eaten up by all of the unfamiliar things around me.  I've got one eye on the look out for Billy Murray in a neon yellow teeshirt.  No one will ever be able to say I wasn't ready for my sweet affair.

The wind beats on my window at night, and it sounds like a train.  I listen to it when I lie awake at night-- I try to decipher words in the moans.  I wonder what we will discuss tonight.


Edward said...

Hey sweets,

Just wanted to check in with you. Seems like you've been pretty "blogged" down, get it?

It's just like Nam really. You need to draw a line in the sand Kelly. "Across this you do not...And dude, Chinamen is not the prefered nomenclature. Asian American."

justlikehoneyyy said...

Eddieeeeee <3

I wore the achiever shirt last night while lying around, watching the royal tenenbaums. Your message has made me a happy girl. I hope you had a nice new year : )

s c h v e e said...

Forget Scarlett,

You're b e a u t i f u l.