Sunday, January 18, 2009

1/16/9 :: Escape

When you are little, the best days are the ones where you wake up, flip on the tv, and see glorious news that school has been cancelled.  Well, as you get older, the novelty of getting out of school never really wears off.  Today, after our morning crit, Joe and I escaped the studio for a day of shopping and relaxing.  We decided early on that we owed ourselves a night out.

We paraded around Princes Street and got properly cold and wet in the gorgeous Edinburgh weather.  I tried on some clothes at a really fun shop here called Top Shop.  I bought the shirt-dress that I'm wearing in the picture above.  Also, feel free to squint and perv on Joe's room. 

When we got back to Joe's flat, he made me a wonderful dinner followed by drinks.  We went over to Jesse and Tamsyn's  flat, and I think this was my first night out with friends where I never felt uncomfortable or excluded.  It was woooonderful.  I am, however, coming down with what seems to be an awful cold.  Euro germs!  

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