Saturday, January 31, 2009

1/30/9 :: Hat Boy and Other Tales

Today was a pretty awesome day.  I slept in, got some great work done in the studio, took a nap, cut myself some bangs, and then went for drinks with Joe.  What an amazing boy.  

Afterward, we went to Shannon's for a drinking game before heading out to a party.  I was a little nervous about being at another big party, but Shonagh and Shannon stuck to me like glue, and I had the most ridiculously wonderful time.  I got a chance to get to know Tom Carlile and Dan Buxton a bit better.  Not to mention, I kissed a great looking boy in a hat!  : D

Afterward, I went back to Shonagh's for the night.  I'm not sure if she remembers because I think she was quite drunker than I realized at the time, but we had a nice chat before going to sleep.  I'm really loving it here.  I'm so grateful for all the people I'm meeting.

And since I didn't have a camera at the party, look at this hilarious plate that is on display in our kitchen.

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