Saturday, January 10, 2009

1/9/9 :: Chippy Sauce

You are looking at probably the most delicious thing I have eaten since my arrival-- fish and chips with chippy sauce!  Chippy sauce is this delightful brown salty sauce that makes everything taste better it seems.

Anyway, today was the critique of all of my classmates' exhibition work.  The critique itself was so timid compared to what we're used to.  They make helpful, polite suggestions, but there doesn't seem to be any harsh criticism about anything.  I was very surprised.  I had some suggestions and ideas for a few of the projects, but I decided it was probably best to keep my mouth shut-- they were personal projects, and I don't know anyone well enough to go telling them what I think of their work.  The work was interesting, but I was having a hard time understanding the concept.  There seemed to be this original idea, but then what form they applied the concept to, in many cases, seemed a bit unrelated?  I can just hear Michael or Sue in my head saying, "but why?"

Yesterday, for many reasons, was sort of a sad day for me.  I was feeling a bit hung over in the morning, and I was missing my friends very much.  Especially after being at one of their critiques, I found myself missing the comforts of CCS.  I've only been here a week, and I think I might die without Josh.  For most of the day, I wanted to rush home and call him, but I know that I can't with my awful phone.  Tomorrow is the party, and I am actually very nervous.  I hope I don't become a wallflower around all of these new people.

In the evening, I went out with Chris, which was nice.  We talked about music, and I got to feel a little bit more like myself.  After a few pubs, we got the infamous fish and chips and chatted on a bench for a while.  He's so very nice, but I feel terrible that he ends up being my tour guide.  I wish I could adjust and just be like a regular friend.  Being new here is novel, but it's not exactly the best feeling.  It makes me feel more out of place than I'd like to be.


lowercasenoun said...

so are all critiques 3 hours long? or is that just how sue does it?

justlikehoneyyy said...

haha no! it really only last about an hour! :P i was impressed by that as well.

Pauly said...

Its brown sauce mixed with vinegar - its good like really evil thoughts can be good.