Monday, January 12, 2009

1/12/9 :: Eggling

I left the studio early today because I was feeling quite tired and antisocial.  I convinced myself to hold off on the nap and go for a walk while there was a sun in the sky.  I walked down Lauriston and over to Castle Terrace then up Princes Street-- all without getting lost!  This is Lothian Road-- a 2 minute walk from my flat, and it is where I go to get my groceries.

I stopped at Paper Tiger and had a cute-paper orgasm.  I bought a pantone mug and an adorable little egg that if I crack it open and pour water in... supposedly a petunia will sprout.  : D

I stopped for groceries on the way home and made myself a proper dinner.  I ate nearly an entire carton of grapes that were meant to last me the week.  Unfortunately, my American appetite hasn't adjusted to the entire concept of "you can only buy what you can carry."  I'm craving cheeseburgers.

Afterward, I took a short nap, and I actually woke myself up from laughing in my sleep.  I had a dream that Josh and I were lost on our way home from Blockbuster.  I have no idea what was so funny though.

I started working on my identity assignment for the pin-up tomorrow, but after 6 hours, all I have managed to finish is one monster.  I'm not sure this is good enough, but my eyes are blurry.  I can't see a damn thing!  Working any more tonight seems unlikely.  Perhaps an hour nap?  I actually told myself that I refuse to pull a CCS night the entire time I'm here.  If I'm going to go to bed... I'm going to do just that.  
Buuuut, I've never been good at keeping resolutions.

Hope everyone back in the D had a good first day back to CCS!  I miss you all terribly.  We should video chat during Nelson's sometime soon.  But for now... off to bed.  Big day tomorrow.

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