Friday, May 8, 2009

5/7/9 :: Rainy Pints

Biddy Mulligans was my night this night.  I went there with Sara and Lindsey-- as moral support for Sara, who undoubtedly needed it in the face of her ex and his family who had come for a visit in Edinburgh.  We did some shots before we left for the pub-- only to be followed by round after round of pints and shots that were purchased in the span of the 5 hours at Biddy's.

It was fine at first, but as we all got drunker, the tension just became too much.  Her ex and his family left abruptly without saying goodbye, and eventually the three of us stumbled out into the rain to walk home.  What a mess.

I got back to my room sometime after midnight, and I could barely see my laptop with the room spinning so violently.  I shared music with Joe before going to sleep though, and he gave me the band Why?.   The Hollows and These Few Presidents put my drunken, stressed out head right at ease.

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