Sunday, May 10, 2009

5/10/9 :: All-Nighter

I pulled an all-nighter on this night.  My end of the year assessment at ECA is scheduled for Monday, May 11th, so I had to prepare my work to be reviewed.  Unfortunately, seeing as I actually have no work, I got the idea into my head that I needed to make a digital scrapbook of my trip here (see a few spreads above).  And since I have no printer-- i.e. no way to print off my assignments to be assessed, I made a last-minute run to Bruntsfield to buy a 50 quid printer.  

Lindsey came over and we did the all-nighter together.  Red Bull, lots of cigarettes, and lots of playlists.  I was fine until about 5am.  I started losing my voice and getting a heavy chest cough.  I think I've got the flu.

Got to ECA to drop off my work, only to find that I wasn't on the list of names to be assessed.  Classic.  So glad I put in all that effort for nothing.

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