Saturday, May 9, 2009

5/9/9 :: Inked

What a day!  I woke up on Claire's couch this morning, totally disoriented.  It took me a good few minutes to remember where I was.  I stepped outside to find that I was on George Street, fuck!  I did the hungover walk of shame back to my flat for a quick shower.  THEN off to Tribe Tattoo!

I was really nervous, but it went fine.  I was really surprised at how painful it was!  I thought it would be less intense.  I can't imagine people getting that done all over their bodies.  He spent 45 minutes on my wrist, and that was plenty for me.

Took a good nap, had a nice lunch and dinner with friends.  Pretty chill day.

My throat is still really sore, and I don't know if I can stomach a third night in a row of drinking.  The girls are up for it though, so who knows.  

poses + baby blanket = my life.

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lowercasenoun said...

i don't think we party as hard in detroit, kelly.

we'll have to up the ante here

: )