Thursday, May 14, 2009

5/14/9 :: Faking Recovery

For the past few days, I've pretty much been on my death bed with what could either be the flu, strep throat, or just the fiercest cold I've ever had.  My throat has pretty much been swollen shut, and I've been cursed with a cough that rocks my whole body.

Today was my first attempt at getting back on the wagon with my friends again.  I met Lindsey and Sara for catch and some cider on the meadows in the nice weather.  Genius times.  Sara and I ended the enjoyable afternoon by crashing into Shannon's flat to use her bathroom.  Neither of us could make it the extra block to Sara's flat.  TOO MUCH CIDER.

I got ready at Sara's (borrowed a dress of hers and finally saw her flat), then we met up with Luke and Van at Cab Vol.   Good day.  Interesting evening.

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