Saturday, May 23, 2009

5/23/9 :: Worst Day

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Today was the worst day of my life.  Hands down.

It was my first day of work for the temp agency-- which I thought meant pushing pints at the Heineken cup with Shannon and Tom.  (The Heineken Cup is sort of liiike... The Superbowl of rugby).  I had a feeling, however, that it was too good to be true.  I was right.  Instead, Tom got put on the bar, and Shannon and I were sent off to work at Finest Cheeseburgers, a burger van on the other corner of the stadium.  It was hot, disgusting, and unsanitary-- hundreds of people crowded up for food with drunken faces.  There were no registers, so we were stuck doing all the math in our heads.  I worked 8 or 9 hours without a break-- no bathroom, no food, no cigarettes, nothing.  We even had to stay late to clean up the mingin van with some lady who I'm pretty sure had the swine flu.  I could write all day about how awful it was, but you'd never get the true picture unless you were there.

After we got off work (sometime around 9:30), Shannon and I made the long trek home... our feet swollen to the size of tanks.  We sang Disney tunes and limped the whole way back from Murrayfield.  

When I got home, I got a ring from Jack-- as it was our night to meet up.  I rushed into the shower and out to vodka rev, where I was due to meet him around midnight.  My feet were unbelievably sore, and my tights smelled like burgers, but I tried to make myself presentable.  When he finally showed up, I felt loads better.  I couldn't believe someone so beautiful was there to see me!  I finished my drink, and Jack and I headed off to Potterrow to go dancing together.

We waited in the long queue and chatted each other up.  I had lost Lindsey and Sara multiple times in the night already, so I tried to prepare myself for a night alone with Jack.  I was nervous because he was just so lovely-- I started to think maybe I had finally met someone in Europe that would last longer than a second.  When we got inside, we bought drinks and danced together.  It seemed like everything was going great-- we were kissing and talking a lot.  I could tell something was off though-- he wasn't being totally himself.  

After a bit, I suggested we step into the hall, so I could text the girls.  I wanted to find them to take some of the pressure away from Jack and me.  It was then that he dropped the bomb on me.  When we got outside the dance floor, he said, "Good, now we can talk."  We had been talking almost all night, so I knew this was no ordinary talk.  He began, "Promise not to get mad at me..."   Before he even finished his sentence, I knew what was coming-- "I have a girlfriend."  Then why text me?  Why meet up with me?  Why KISS me?  I was completely humiliated.  He made it worse by telling me he was using me to make her jealous.  I see this stuff in the teen movies all the time, but I just never expected it to happen to me.  I guess I just assume that everyone is decent, when really, I should have my guard up.  WAY up.  I was heart-broken.  I had been looking forward to this night for weeks.  

I went outside on my own and sat down on the wall.  I began frantically texting Lindsey and Sara.  I was ready to go home, and I was just trying desperately not to cry.  No answer from either of them, so I tried to catch a taxi.  My feet were swollen, and I was scared I was going to start crying-- but no taxi would drive me since I lived so close.  I walked home alone and just made it in the door before I started bawling my eyes out.  Thankfully, Josh was online to talk to me, but I'm sure I was barely making sense between the weeping and heaves.  I sent Jack a message telling him what he did was terrible, and he better not do that to anyone else.  If I could rewind time, I would've been a lot meaner.  He deserved to really be told off.  

Worst day ever.

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