Monday, May 11, 2009

5/11/9 :: Khushi's

Tonight was the end-of-assessment celebration.  I wasn't really feeling healthy enough for it, but I figured it could possibly be one of the last times my whole class is together.  I didn't want to miss it.  We all met at Khushi's, an Indian restaurant right across the street from where I got my tattoo done.  The place is BYOB, so I think we must've had about 22 bottles of wine on the table.  I drank Tennents because I'm a real class act.

The meal was amazing-- chicken jalfrezi to die for!  Afterward, we all walked over to the student housing to meet up with all the second years (sophomores).  Everyone was sitting around in the common room, drinking and enjoying themselves.  I could feel my body getting heavy and my face stuffing up.  I tried to stick it out though and kept sipping on beer.  By the time the group had made the decision to go to Bar Salsa and then The Hive, I was barely functioning.  I walked through the grassmarket to the first pub, but only lasted there for about five minutes before I made the hike home.

Sorry I missed out on what I've heard was an amazingly crazy night out, but the meal was lovely.  So glad I went.

ps. photo courtesy of shannon

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