Thursday, February 26, 2009

2/25/9 :: Visualizing the Self

Today we had a one-day brief to be done in the span of a few hours.  We had to find 8 images and create two compositions, the first describing how see ourselves now, and the second how we see ourselves 5 years from now, working as professional designers.  Each set of four was to contain the following (starting in the upper left and going clockwise): a photo conveying mood, an event/place, a piece of furniture, and the last being a color and word.

My first mood expresses a feeling of loneliness-- but not necessarily a loneliness with negative connotation.   The activity portrayed is that of making friends and surrounding myself with people that are inspiring.   A set of drawers is my furniture-- to show the activity of collecting experiences, trinkets, and friends.   The faded photograph is my color palette, and the word "introspective" is to describe my self-reflective and nostalgic manner.  

The second set shows me in 5 years.  The mood is described by birds being freed-- me finally being freed from the confines of education.  The second image is my event, which is a nest-- that of a permanent home and an instinct to nurture, whether it be a family or my permanent collection of friends.  My furniture is a library, packed with my love for gaining and using reference.  And last, the colors are both fiery and tranquil, working in tandem with one another.  My final word is "affected"-- as in I hope my work is intelligent and affected by all that I have experienced.

At the end of the crit, we were given our next brief which is prepare our resume, cover letters, and portfolio for application for a 2-week work placement at a design firm of our choice.  No idea where I want to go, but I'm thinking London could be nice.

Can't stop listening to Patrick Wolf.  Particularly the song "Eulogy."  So beautiful.

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