Thursday, February 26, 2009

2/21/9 :: The Gypsy King

Post is titled the gypsy king after a patrick wolf song that i have loved for a long time, and coincidentally just took the journey this song describes:

I recall when I was younger
There was a fire to travel the world
And shine with a passion
But as ambition shoots blank
Day by Day
On a train from Edinburgh
to the King's Cross Rain...

On Saturday I took the train from Waverely Station in Edinburgh to King's Cross in London.  It was my first train ride, and it was a brilliant one.  I taught Dan how to play Spit.  I was in stitches the whole way to London.  When we arrived, we settled into the hostel and did some walking about for food.  I couldn't believe how clean the city was.  Soon after, I found myself surprised at how expensive it was as well.

We took the underground to Camden (my first time on that as well), and I think it is BRILLIANT. The USA really needs to catch on in terms of public transportation.   In Camden, we went out dancing at a swanky club, and I made myself content by getting as sweaty as possible.  It was a genius night in London, and when it was time to go back to the hostel, I was not ready.

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