Thursday, February 26, 2009

2/22/9 :: London Shopping

Today was my first day really getting to explore London.  We were up early and out the door-- we were to meet Sara Fox at a bus station.  She was going to lead us to Spitalfield Market, which turned out to be one of the best outdoor markets I'd ever been to.  I bought a new dress and a deliciously colorful meal-- rainforest salad.  

After the market, we went shopping along Brick Lane, which was an area lined with vintage shops and people selling things outside on blankets.  I found the most amazing dress shop called Derimeya, and I bought a dress there for 58 quid.  I absolutely had to.  It had cupcakes on it...

We also stopped at perhaps the best cafe I'd ever been to (rivals Beehive).  It was full of lights, and the entire front of the shop was a giant window.  Dan Buxton and I shared a beer with our feet hanging out the window, smoking cigarettes.  Fantastic afternoon.

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