Monday, February 9, 2009

2/9.5/9 :: Wolves

someday my pain,
will mark you.
harness your blame, 
and walk through.

with the wild wolves around you
in the morning, i'll call you.
send it farther on.

solace my game,
it stars you.
swing wide your crane
and run me through.

and the story's all over you.
in the morning, i'll call you.
can't you find a clue 
when your eyes are all painted sinatra blue.

what might have been lost
what might have been lost
don't bother me.

just sorting through some pictures and thoughts.  beer and cigarettes and red lipstick-- we married ourselves.  it was always good.  
it's sick sometimes, the conclusions you can come to when you're looking through other people's photographs.
i'm not sad or anything.  it's just some late night thinking.

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