Friday, March 6, 2009

3/6/9 :: Assessment

Derek asked me about my video today, and it's probably because I look better with a mustache.  How unfortunate.

Today was honestly just... strange.  I had my midterm assessment (finally), and it was nothing to write home about.  Basically, it was fine, minus the "one-trick pony" comment--which was irrelevant.  They told me they would like me to try more than one approach to my projects, which is funny because professors back home told me I need to be more focused.  How about I just... make stuff, and it'll be all cool, mmk?

On the whole I'm bummin' a bit.  I'm quite disappointed in ECA as an art college--tutors, curriculum, critique, resources.  A bit of a shamble really.  I'm not progressing as a designer at all here.  Stagnant pond water.

The people, however, are smashing.

It's a bit frustrating sometimes though--being the exchange student.  It's a constant line of wanting to feel at home and not wanting to get too attached.  I'm impatient with relationships, and I'm always pushing.  I get really frustrated when I want things I can't have.  You can't win over everyone, and you certainly can't force people to want to get to know you.  Some people get where I'm coming from, but for others, perhaps I'm a bit too forward for their liking?

Glasgow tomorrow.  Should be good.


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