Saturday, March 7, 2009

3/7/9 :: Glasgow

Glasgow was good.  I wasn't completely impressed with the city itself, but it may have just been the rain.  We went to Wagamama's for lunch and then did a bit of shopping.  I got a dress for the party and a new scarf from Zara's, but I didn't think the shops were that different from what I get in America.  We got ready at Luke's and had an amazing home-cooked meal courtesy of his momma.  Had drinks and listened to Nick Cave.  So lovely.

Jamie's party was at Ibrox, which was actually kind of incredible.  We had access to a balcony overlooking the field.  Some random rugby player taught me how to take two shots at once?  It was kind of intense.  I spent most of the night with Tom Carlile, and it was actually quite nice to get to know him a bit better.  Fell asleep sandwiched between him and Allan in Luke's bed.  Worst night sleep ever, but it's all gravy.

The train ride home the next day seemed to last for ages.  I slept for two day's straight when I finally got home.

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