Sunday, March 1, 2009

3/1/9 :: Travel Plans

the bruges canal

I chatted with Luke today about our travel plans for May.  Looks like he is going to spend two nights in Edinburgh, and then we are going to visit Amsterdam, Bruges, and Paris.  CHA-CHING!  Couldn't be more stoked, but I hope Derek will allow me to skip out on a week in the studio to do it.  >.<

The best part of the conversation with Luke was when he said the most brilliantly true thing:  "I was just thinking about when I met you at the Apparition Cafe years ago-- who knew I'd be traveling Europe with this girl."  
We are the oddest friends.  And yet... it works.  

Can't stop listening to Patrick Wolf.  I'm getting really insanely impatient waiting for the new album to be released.  It's going to change my life, I can tell already.

Also, my tragus is infected.  No pain, but god does it look awful.  I brought some anti-biotics from home, so hopefully it will clear up.  If a mushroom grows out of my ear, I'm going to fry it up and eat it.

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