Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3/3/9 :: Dance Class

Today was slightly eventful.  I started off my morning with the most ridiculous lecture on Adobe Acrobat, lasting two hours.  I took video for your amusement.  See the bottom of the post for a clip from the most boring lecture of all time.

I gave my presentation shortly afterward--went fine I suppose.  Derek informed us that Ecommo (the company I did the branding project for) decided not to use any of our designs, but they want to contact me to do a branding book for them since they liked my work so much.  It's not everything, but at least it's something.

Most importantly::::: I went to my first dance class at Dancebase in Grassmarket today!  I was quite nervous, seeing as I couldn't even figure out how to open the door to the changing room. ha.  I haven't taken a dance class in almost 4 years, and I'm fatter with a smoking habit now.  It turned out to be great though.  There was only one boy in the class, and he was a bit intimidating.  His arms were like machine guns, ha.   

It was "contemporary," so it was a bit of modern-style jazz.  We danced to a live guitar player (very cool), and most of it was stuff I remembered.  I'm a bit stiff with my movements, but it's hard to throw your head around when you're just learning the footwork.  I'm looking forward to making it a regular thing.  It's nice to get sweaty and not feel like you are being tortured as you do when running on a treadmill.  Maybe I'll meet a handsome straight dance boy and finally pull in the UK.
HA.  In my dreams.

Afterward, a girl named Jane told me I should go to the class on Wednesday afternoons.  Supposedly, it's less modern and a bit more stage.  Sounds good to me.  I'll have to see how my legs feel in the morning.  I've already got a blister forming.  

Please try to imagine this lasting for 2 hours.  Feel my pain?


istoleyoursmile said...

the video is private, love. can't see it.

justlikehoneyyy said...

fixed. thanks babe.