Thursday, April 23, 2009

4/22/9 :: Consult

I'm doing an absolutely horrible job with this blog, so it is my personal goal to get back on the ball with it.  Gonna have to be more diligent about carrying around my camera.

The past week has been a huge blur.  I've been having a good time pretty much every night up until today since last Friday-- going out, staying in, whatever.  This photo is from Monday night?  Saturday night?  I don't even know anymore.  Regardless, it's the night we went to Shanghaii.  

I went to Tribe Tattoos today on West Nicholson Street and had my consultation for my tattoo.  The guy's name is Rob, and he was alright.  I think he was a tad weirded out by my blanket, but overall, I think it went well.  I go back on Tuesday to look at the drawings he's done for me.  Hopefully something will be on target with what I want.

Really looking forward to getting inked.  Really looking forward to something new and exciting.
Last night's party at Cab Vol was fascinating to say the least.
Only more to come.

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