Sunday, November 15, 2009

11/15/09:: Anybody Home?

*Knock Knock*
Does anybody even read this?  Anybody out there?
I'm not sure this blog serves a purpose anymore, but onward, progress, so it seems...

I am, however, sure that I am spending far too much time thinking about how cute my cat is.

I'm awake early this morning after a hopefully sustaining 3.5 hours of sleep. Had a good Skype-session with my good mates o'er the ocean, and although it always nice to their shimmering (but not shiny) faces, it only gets harder and harder to be here every time we chat.

I'm currently at work on three major projects, none of which are at any stage of being ready for sharing, but I do hope to start putting up some work soon.
1. Annual Report for Sweet Bee's Sugar Shop
a children's book-esque piece that documents a year in business for this fake company
2. Propaganda piece for Starbucks Coffee Drinks- Stop using the paper cup!
a paper cup with dashing insults pointing at the user to guilt them into using a mug.
3. Re-branding of Detroit Transportation: ddot, the people mover, woodward light rail
...i have no idea. which is a major problem.

Ahhh, but it's almost time to register for my LAST SEMESTER OF CLASSES!
Boy, you really have no idea how exciting this is for me.

So far, my prospective schedule is as follows:

Advanced Visual Communications II 
Tech/Professional Portfolio
Independent Study- Silkscreen
*some other class to keep me as a full-time student that I haven't yet chosen*
-ceramics: intro to wheel throwing
-letterpress for 21st century
-art history
-fibers: intro to weaving

I'm considering taking a fine art studio, but the idea of having 4 studios really lessens the excitement of having only 12 credit hours...
Ho hum.
To be determined...


lowercasenoun said...

yea and usually Doug makes sure that no one takes more than 4 studios at once.

that's a lot of classes.

look at that lil pooper. he's very cute.

Joseph Rudi Pielichaty said...

I'm reading still! always! Loved our skype chat today. It made my weekend complete.

I think you should fully consider the joys of ceramics... imagine attaining such a skill and then bringing it into a graphic design context. You could bring to London a combined skill set that its never seen before. DO IT!