Friday, November 13, 2009

11/14/09:: What If

Some ideas I've been throwing around:

1. I'm considering quitting smoking the day after my 23rd birthday. (July 11th 2010)

2. I'm considering taking an independent study next semester in the fine arts department: silk-screening.

3. I'm considering getting a minor in Art History since I am only two classes away from it, but unfortunately my favorite professor isn't teaching any of the 300-400 level art histories next semester. So hmph.

4. I'm considering joining the YMCA in January to take kickboxing and pilates classes.

5. I'm still considering working my way through the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die book over the next two years.

6. I'm considering applying for a job on campus working on promotional materials for the college. Not sure I want to do that, but I could use the money. Seriously.

7. I'm considering opening up a shop on etsy when I graduate to sell things that I will make in my spare evenings–silkscreen cards, journals, hand-sewn pet toys, and other random things. This will be the Scotland fund... maybe.

8. I'm considering deleting everyone out of my phone, and then only adding people back as they contact me. Since no one seems to ever do that–this will eliminate a lot of my feeling sad when people ignore my calls/texts.

Just ideas at this point.
But just by odds alone, one of them is bound to happen, right?

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lowercasenoun said...

if you quit smoking after your birthday i can send you a birthday card and a like some sort of get well stop smoking card.

I can't wait!