Friday, July 17, 2009

7/17/09 :: Crash

What's inspiring me these days?  There's a lot.  Now that I am back state-side, I am being walloped on the head with the approaching reality of my return to Detroit this fall.  Expectations for me and my work are high, and as for right now, I am really feeling the pressure to produce work with some sort of new insight.  

Instead of feeling the rush of motivation, I feel overwhelmed.  What is my style?  At what point do I feel confident that I'm doing something that works and not just re-using the same old tricks?  Where do my talents actually lie in the design world?  Should I be focusing in or reaching out?

I look at the AIGA 365, and I think I need to be trying to vary my projects.  I look at Jean Jullien, and I want to focus in and discover a style that suits me-- and then see how far I can run with it.  And then I look at the work of my peers, and I wonder if I'm measuring up.

I know all of these views are useless, and all I need to do is to make make make.  And to do that, you have to dive in... fearlessly.  But I am afraid.  Definitely very, very afraid.  There was something in Edinburgh that made me feel alive-- and now I'm starting to realize that maybe it was that I had freedom from this.  Freedom from creative bondage-- bondage to my work, to deadlines, to expectation.

That's life, eh?
I'm just hoping I can find some sort positive undercurrent within myself to guide me through these projects.  I hope I strike gold.
In the meantime, I'm just going to have to turn up my music and try, try again.

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Joseph Rudi Pielichaty said...

Oi. Penis head! Which email shall I use to send you some illustrations! I have them here waiting. Can't promise they're anything of a super nature but they certainly feature some wind swept folk :)

Miss you Kelface!


Also you would never feature on Shit Style. The day you bought those shiny, sexy brogues you became the icon of my life.