Thursday, October 8, 2009

10/8/09 :: See Her Tumbling Down

Try to ignore the buttsex between Ewan McGregor + Christian Bale at the start of this video. 
It's my favorite song/video sequence from the movie that follows.

I love Velvet Goldmine. 
It always serves as an escape/reminder to times when I've felt free and dominate over my creative demons.
It reminds me of being a teenager and cutting class to drink apple tea and do photoshoots with friends. 
Driving on back roads and somehow feeling like we were the privileged ones.
The ones with the closest connection to art. 
The best taste in music. 
The only ones that "got it."
Which is mostly what the movie is about, at least to me:
Being a part of the group-- having that feeling. And the subsequent fall from grace that occurs when it inevitably has to stop.

That was the best part of being a teenager, and it is also the thing I've most regrettably lost with age.

Not to mention, generally speaking, it's just a great film with great music.

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