Saturday, September 24, 2011

9/24/11:: Sometimes

Every so often, I am forced to wake up... realize my room is trashed and clean it up. Realize I've been lazy... get productive. Realize I've been sloppy with my emotions... reign it in.

I've been making a lot happen. On paper, I must look pretty good.

But internally, there is much work to be done. Much to be re-packaged, re-organized, rearranged...

And not just for the sake of rearranging. But because it's important to know where you are [in the present moment], so you have an accurate view of where you are going [in the future]. The past is the past, and we can look at it from any angle, but the brutal honesty of NOW is the demon to be reckoned with.




Effie said...

Yep. Hard to see that beam in one's own eye. So much has improved in my own life since I've focused in earnest on my own shortcomings. NO point in complaining about others. I'm the only one I can do anything about. Cheers!

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