Monday, March 21, 2011

3/21/11:: Velvet Curtains

In case any of you were worried, I am not dead... nor is this blog. We are merely preparing for a grand reveal, which is still a month away.

It involves a new body, new attitude, and maybe even a new l o c a t i o n.

A lot less white noise these days-- more ukuleles.


anialexanian said...

I just assumed you were busy getting super buff. I'm sitting waiting for your px90 ad at 3 am.

I can't wait for the unveiling.

justlikehoneyyy said...

Ani, it's been mostly that-- I won't lie. How are you? You need to feed me updates on your life STAT.

Majid Ali said...

Love lifts us up where we belong. God bless you. See the power of Positive thinking within you. Please follow my blog. Positive Thoughts

Anonymous said...

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